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M&G plc is an investment manager in the United Kingdom and overseas. M&G invests in and manages a wide range of assets including Equities, Fixed Income and Real Estate. M&G also manages more esoteric assets within the private finance arena such as Structured Products (including CDOs), Leveraged Finance, Project and Infrastructure Finance.

A former employee mentioned, "I was very excited when I got offered a role at M&G investments however its the worst job I have ever had in my life. Absolutely no Team work, micromanagement and bullying...Left within 4 months and it was such a relief to leave.."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else. Highest turnover I had ever seen. Willing to let an employee go over very small stuff"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Culture eroded. Confusion. Lack of collaboration."

Former Employee - Sales says

"- Absolutely no care for employees - People from management are manipulating their subordinates in their own interests - HR not supporting employees, only protecting managers - The merger has been a nightmare for M&G, it is rather a takeover from Prudential - Incredibly high turnover, people can be fired for no apparent reasons - Salary I would not recommend this company, a major part of the employees is waiting to get an opportunity to just leave... why?"

Former Employee - Senior Sales Manager says

"Harassment from hierarchy Total lack of support from HR Discrimination"

Current Employee - Commercial Manager says

"The Exec, without exception, have failed to communicate any sort of strategy or company direction. They are driving out experienced staff who have knowledge required to manage products, some of which are 100 years old. New business is unprofitable without legacy underpin, and profitable business is being sold off in an effort to make the business look cheap so another big player buys us."

Former Employee - Distribution says

"Insurance leadership have no idea about asset management. All fo the best people either left or were pushed out. Disgraceful."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The merger of Prudential UK with a well established asset manager has seen the historic M&G asset management business taken apart by bitter and inexperienced insurance types, seeing droves of experienced asset management employees leave or be made redundant or sacked on spurious grounds. Morale is non existent and nepotism and back slapping is rife with dreadful and bullying management. Avoid like the plague."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Focus on cost cutting trumps everything Senior management destroying the asset management business through lack of knowledge."

Former Employee - Tech Lead says

"Senior Mgmt politics Severe cost cutting and outsourcing Service levels are dire Lack of integrity and trust from Senior Mgmt Pure defined strategy Pay is way off industry standards"

Current Employee - Prefer Not to Say says

"Tbe culture has too much bullying and nepotism. The company spends too much time looking backwards. Dated management practices."

Skuzzer says

"Dreadfull service. Website always broken & impossible to know which website to use.... Never in my life seen such a set of cowboys"

victor platt says

"The Manchester Airport Group which owns the airport and also Skypark Secure and Looking 4 Parking is one hell of a scam company and needs an urgent Government enquiry into its monopoly position and scam practices. I went on holiday for 2 weeks in March and had to come back after 2 days because of covid. I lost out on 12 days parking on the car park. I then had another holiday cancelled in April . L4P did not tell me that they no longer had my credit card details so did not refund me and just kept my money . I complained and they asked for my bank details. I sent them the details but did a typo . According to L4P they have resolved this issue with their bank but my money is still not back in my bank account and today is September 9th. Also if and when I do get my money back they are going to deduct over £11 admin fee . This company L4P and Jet2 are the worst companies that I have had to deal with since covid and they will never get any business from me or my family or indeed anyone who is sensible enough to listen to me again"

Leon Dally says

"Never fails to amaze me how bad this airport is. Worst international airport i have ever used. Hardly any flights at the moment due to covid yet we are sat on the runway for 30 mins now while the luggage team walk randomly around the plane asking passengers how many bags they checked as they are short some. Cant even get the bags from the desk to the plane with literally no flights out of Ringway. Jet 2 complete Joke as always. Social distancing non existent. Detest this airport."

Dr Miguel Montenegro says

"Trying to plan parking to drop a relative with disabilities who is flying alone is a f***ing nightmare. Manchester airport website is contradicting, with very unclear information about how to park to drop someone off and help the person to the check-in point and find their way around the airport. Contacted the airport parking but no reply at all. I am unsure if I can park anywhere with ease and simplicity like you can at Liverpool or even Stanstead Airports, and quote I am getting from their "discounted early booking" for a 1 hour parking is quoted at £45 minimum. I am absolutely disgusted with these con artists."

Denys says

"Official parking Website down and gives a phone number to contact. Phone number closed during normal working day.Promises a call back tomorrow but no call backs. Meanwhile how do I get my car back??!! A very poor organisation with inadequate systems and customer care."

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